The Seven Senses Of Songwriting

Indie musicians often times write their own song lyrics. It is the dream of all aspiring writers to create a piece that makes its way to the top of the Billboard charts, but what does it take to write such a piece? What makes the listener connect to your song? If you’ve been wondering how […]

Building A Lane For Your Brand

Let’s have a moment of truth shall we; you are amongst thousands if not millions of unsigned artist looking to make it big. You are not the only person who sings. There are a boat load of guitarist in the world. A&R reps have heard it all, seen it all, and are very hard to […]

How Do You View Money?- Top 10 Money Views

It is hard to consider yourself human without acknowledging that you have a perception about EVERYTHING. Whether it’s people, places or things, the world around you is meant to be analyzed; and your environment, upbringing and experiences shape the way you think. Money is no different. If you want to know how you REALLY view […]

Before You Hit The Stage: 5 Things You Must Do

You’re booked for a gig; the day draws near and your excitement continues to rise. You can see yourself giving a stellar show, but before you hit the stage you’re going to need to know how to best prepare yourself. The magic happens before a stage light is lit and will determine if you can match […]

Money Hacks That Will Save You Money NOW

With big dreams come a big price tag. Making it in the music industry (or any industry for that matter) will require a financial investment on your part. To make it happen you need working capital. Maybe you are like me; when I think of money, I usually think of ways I can make more, […]

The 4 Essential Steps For Marketing & Branding

How does one move forward? By taking one step at a time. This reigns true in every endeavor, no matter how seemingly complex. If marketing and branding has ever confused you, then this should help. The approach that we will take together today will tackle this beast know as marketing and branding. With these four […]

What Every Musician Need To Know About Finance

If music was merely a hobby, then making some cash would not be a huge concern, but I can tell you are serious because you are looking for answers… You’ve found the right blog. The finance section of Indie Master Development is about giving you the knowledge to earn, keep, properly disperse, and track your money. […]